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Herero Dresses
In the 19th century German missionaries settled in Namibia , bringing with them all the prejudice that centuries of civilisation had bred into them . The traditional semi-naked dress of the Herero was unacceptable to them and eventually the Herero women were coerced into adopting the Victorian dress, adapting it into the style so distinctive today. This Victorian tradition is still strong and women are extremely proud to wear the dress. Locally known as ‘Ohorokova', the enormous crinoline dress worn over several petticoats includes a bodice that buttons up close to the neck, long sleeves and a shawl worn across the shoulders. All dresses are  designed exactly the same differing only in colour, fabric pattern and buttons. Up to eight layers of petticoats may be worn to make the dress as voluminous as possible. The bigger the volume the more impressive the dress. Article and photos upon request.

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